Farias, Claudia

Hi, my name is Claudia.
I'm a developer in Brazil.


Sorta Software Club Sorta is an idea that meets some projects.
It is not a place, it's a club of great
ideas that can be developed by
extraordinary programmers.

RedeAlumni, 2014 What can I say?
I love my job (:

wipcodes, 2014 I have worked with
great projects

2012 ~ 2013 and great developers!

April, 2012 I am from Natal, a coastal city on
the Northeast of Brazil
and now I live in São Paulo.

I spent some time looking for new
technologies and design trends. Node JS, AngularJS, Ember JS, Backbone, I like these stuff.

I have worked on several projects in
Ruby on Rails and Python in most of them.
I have long experience with
various designs and development tools.

And I worked for some great companies.
I've done many freelance jobs as well.
Check out my LinkedIn.

I am involved in the entire development process,
from design, the development to deployment.

Just keep coding.

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